Golf Tournament Tee Prizes

Item #: TWL-19

Jacquard woven Towels are a great way to display your companies logo. These will be sure to last longer than a towel that has been screen printed. These towels are 100% cotton, and are also machine washable. It is available in different sizes, and up to 3 colors. If you are looking for a high quality towel that will last, this is the towel for you! 

poker chip 2

Poker chip ball markers are a great small item to give to all players of a golf tournament. Not only are these easy to spot on the putting green, they can be printed with your companies logo. These poker chips are available in a wide variety of colors: black, orange, gray, light blue, red, yellow, dark blue, and green.


Pitchfix divot fixers are a great tool for any golfer to have. Put your companies logo or emblem on the tool and the top of the container to leave your employees and customers speechless.

alignme pitchfix

Alignment tools are another great item made by Pitchfix. This item may help improve your putting skills, but it is not guaranteed!  Simply place the ball into the circular area and use the marker to draw a line on the ball to help assist you with your putting. The item is also equipped with a carbine hook so it can easily attach to the outside of your golf bag.

shoe tote
Item #: BN-0268

Shoe Totes are a great item to embroider and give out at a golf tournament. We have a wide variety of mens, womens, leather, and lightweight shoe totes. Any logo will be sure to grab peoples attention when they see your logo on these shoe totes.

pack bag
Item #: A280

Pocket bags are great to hold items such as tees, golf balls, ball  markers, and divot fixers. Put your logo on this bag and be sure to wow customers. If you are looking to get more than just the bag, you could fill it with personalized tees, golf balls, and a divot fixer.

valuables pouch
Item #: TA3ACVP

Looking for something a little different? Embroidering a valuables pouch with your logo will provide valuable space in any golfers bag. Unlike the pocket bag above, the valuable bag is meant to go inside of your golf bag. The valuable bag can hold cell phones, credit cards, cash, and any other important items that you may have.

caddy kit

The Caddy Bag Kit is a great item if you are looking to give an all-in-one gift. This kit comes with a golf towel, 6 tees, a ball marker, divot repair tool, 3 golf balls, wooden golf brush, and a shoe bag. Your logo would be placed on each item as well as on the front of the kit.

Golf Kit
Item #: 12PGK-R

Looking for a larger all-in-one gift? The golf Kit is a perfect tee prize. It comes with a towel, 6 tees, divot repair tool, collapsible can holder, and cooler. Your logo would be placed on all of the items. This is a great idea for a hot summer tournament as people can use the cooler to store beverages or food items.

Let us know what your favorite item is!

Happy Thursday,

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