Whiskey Accessories make great holiday gifts!

Are you aware of the benefits of drinking whiskey? It is low-calorie so it is a good cocktail to have when you are tying to avoid weight gain. Whiskey has also been known to boost heart health! It can reduce the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Lastly, it has been know to improve brain health. It can help to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Check out this great article to learn some more interesting facts about whiskey and its history!

Jack Daniels

With the holidays coming up it is a great idea to give some whiskey related gifts! Mini liquor bottles with your logo on the bottle are a great idea! These mini bottles are available in Jack Daniel’s, Fireball, Jack Honey, Jameson, and Maker’s Mark.

whiskey scotch glassWhiskey glasses are a great way to display your logo!  They provide you with a bigger space to display your logo and they can even be used as water glasses if you have customers or employees that don’t prefer to partake in alcoholic beverages.

whiskey rocks
Item #: 120038

Whiskey rocks have recently become very popular. Although they have been around for quite sometime, they are finally creating a little bit of buzz. Not only do they keep your beverage cold, they also help avoid diluting your beverage with melted ice. Whiskey rocks would be a fun and unique way to display your logo.

Item #: ID1221-09

Flasks are always a good idea when giving out presents. Not only is it easy to display a logo, it is a fun item for various occasions! There are a ton of different flasks to choose from, not just the one pictured to the right. There are also different flasks that can hold a larger or smaller amount of liquid.

whiskey decanter
Item #: 2729

Whiskey decanters are a great way to store your beverage for a long period of time. This is also a more elegant gift if you are looking to give a gift that is a little bit more upscale. This would also be a great item to personalize with someones initials or name. We have a wide variety of decanters for you too choose from if this shape or size doesn’t fit your needs.

Whiskey Barrel
Item #: BRL120

Whiskey barrels seem to be a rare item. Why not place your logo on this whiskey barrel to leave your employees, and customers speechless! This is an all oak barrel that is great for holding any beverage or adult cocktail!

Happy Friday,

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