Water Bottles Make Great Promotional Products!

Infusion water bottle
Item #: EBEZY0084

Water bottles are an easy item to give at any event. This water bottle is an infusion water bottle that has a compartment to hold fruit. Infused water has become very popular over the last couple of years and it is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle!

Water bottle
Item #: KB-29

If you are looking for a reliable water bottle to give, this is a great bottle! This is a dual walled, stainless steel bottle that will keep your water cold for 24 hours. The sleek design gives it a modern touch to impress customers or employees. This is a great way to advertise your business, and it makes useful presents to give out for the holidays.

Item #: 3740

This is the ultimate water bottle to give. This water bottle is thermos quality that will keep your drink cold or hot for up to two days. This is a great item to get around the winter season. It can hold either cold or hot items. It is a 40 ounce bottle so it can hold a good amount of liquid. It is also equipped with a vacuum insulation to ensure hot and cold retention. This bottle is available in black, blue, red, orange, pink, green, and white.

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