Toddy Cloths

6Promote your business and keep your prized possessions clean with these toddy cloths! This is a dual-sided cleaning cloth that can clean dirt, dust, and smudges off of mobile devices, eye glasses, jewelry, projector lenses, car interiors, and so much more! These cloths also come in various shapes such as circle, oval, hexagon, and rectangle.

This cloth is equipped with plush microfiber that will be sure to clean the dirtiest of surfaces. It has a fully customizable imprint area to display your companies logo or picture of your choice. It is also equipped with a protective coating to prevent mold, or mildew, and other odors.

toddy2Wanting something with more than one use? Check out the microfiber storage and cleaning pouch. This pouch can protect, clean, and polish your most prized possessions. Great for tablets, cameras, and smart phones! This is also made with 100% microfiber for superior cleaning. Keep your valuables protected, polished, and cleaned with this storage and cleaning pouch!

Happy Monday,

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