Promo Products Your Customers Will WANT To Use!

Looking to buy a promotional product that won’t find its way into the circular file? Eliminate worries by buying promotional products that your potential customers will want to use! A product with multiple functions will greater serve a potential customer than an obsolete item that may only have one benefit.

SPCLHousehold accessories can be very useful for almost every potential customer. This spoon clip is equipped with an attractive ergonomic design that helps measure your morning blend. Great for measuring coffee, sugar, or nuts. Logos and information is placed on the front of the spoon clip. A magnet on the back allows you to keep it on your refrigerator so you have it ready in the morning.

smart pouch

Smart pouches are another great promo product that serves multiple uses. This pouch can clean and polish your valuables as well as hold eye wear. Aside from cleaning eye-wear this pouch is also great for cleaning cameras, smartphones, and tablets. Made with premium microfiber, your potential customer will be sure to hang onto this promo product for years to come.

hyatt place infusion bottle

Water bottles are a signature promo product that most companies utilize at least once throughout their time in business. Instead of giving a regular water bottle give out an infusion water bottle that allows your potential customers to have the option of infusing their water with their favorite fruit, vegetable, or herb. Giving them an option to have their water two ways will increase the probability that they will use your product.


A lanyard with a USB drive is a great item to give at a trade show. Not only will it hold a badge or name tag, it also offers storage for documents and files. Your potential customers will be sure to utilize the memory of the USB as well as the durability of the lanyard.



This 2-in-1 highlighter ballpoint pen will surely be a hot item. Pens and highlighters are an office staple and your potential customer will be sure to thank you for such a useful product.  Equipped with a plastic silver triangular designed click ballpoint pen with black comfort rubber grip and highlighter with translucent plastic cap on the other end.


Share videos, documents, and videos with this on-the-go USB. It is equipped with a USB and a micro USB.  It connects to supported mobile devices such as android phones and tablets. Logo is printed on the swing as pictured above. Swing also helps to protect USB port from any dents or damages.  Please keep in mind that the price for these products fluctuates weekly as the market changes.


Flashlight tools kits are a great promo item that potential customers can keep in there cars for times of  emergency. Not only will they be happy when they need to use this item in a state of a possible emergency, they can also coordinate a sense of positivity when thinking about your products.

Next time your shopping around for a memorable promo product to give, be sure to consider one with multiple functions!

Keep Calm and Promo On!

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