Real Estate Promotional Products

Wind Banners

Open HouseLooking to draw more traffic to your open houses? Wind banners are the perfect item to help you attract more business. Not only are these more noticeable than an A-frame sign or a yard stake sign. This can also be a great tool to use on a busy street to alert passer bys that there is an open house near by. These wind banners are highly customizable to display any information that you’d like!

Bamboo Reed Diffuser

bamboo reed diffuser

Looking to add a subtle accent to an open house or looking for a fun house warming gift for your clients? These bamboo reed diffusers make the perfect promotional product for you or your customer to enjoy. Available in different blends to suit you, and your customers palette.

Letter Openers

letter openers

What is one thing every household receives? MAIL! Letter openers are the perfect promotional item for real estate agents to give out to potential clients. Imprint with your companies logo, email, and phone number and let the product do the work for you! This is also a great item to give away at a business expo, or networking event!

Custom Branded Carpet

custom rug

Looking to give a warm welcome to your open house attendees? A custom branded carpet with company name, logo, website, and phone number will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers! Little details like this will help potential customers remember the small details that you have added to make a great open house.

Debossed Leather Coaster

Debossed Leather Coaster

Make your clients feel appreciated with Debossed Leather Coasters! Imprint with your companies logo and leave a lasting impression on your buyers. Not only does this act as a great housewarming gift, this is also used as an advertising piece for future clients! Another great idea for this item would be to group four coasters together and tie together with an imprinted ribbon. Small touches like this can go a long way!

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Affordable Promotional Products

When attending a trade show people flock towards the booths with FREE STUFF! If you are the company giving out that “FREE STUFF” we all know it’s not really free! Below are a couple of budget-friendly promotional products that will make your future customers, and bank account happy!

Chip Clips

chip clip

Keep your food fresh with chip clips. There is a wide variety of colors, and styles to choose from! This product is not just limited to chip bags. This item also works well with produce bags, coffee, nuts, and much more! The average price point for this product ranges between $0.75 and $1.00.

Silicone Card Sleeve

phone sleeve

Easily access your license, credit cards, or business cards with this handy silicone card sleeve. An adhesive on the back of the sleeve makes it easy to attach to any smartphone. This product adheres just about anywhere so it can also be attached to the back of a phone case as well. The average price point for this product ranges between $0.90 and $1.75.



Carabiners are a great, affordable promo product that won’t break the bank, and customers will WANT to hold onto. Not only are these useful for holding keys, attaching to purses, they can be used to attach golf towels to golf bags. This item is laser engraved for a long lasting impression. This particular product is also offered in various sizes. Your customers will be happy they stopped by your booth for this useful piece of hardware! The average price point for this product ranges between $0.75 and $1.10.

 Insect Repellent Spray

insect repellant

Hotter weather means more bugs! Avoid those pesky mosquito’s with this insect repellent spray. This is a perfect item for an outdoor flea market, or any trade show. This pen spray is ALSO available in sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. The average price point for this product ranges between $1.00 and $1.50.



Coolies are a classic promotional item. Not only do they help to keep your drink cold, they allow for a large imprint area. You can not only fit a logo, but you can also fit a phone number, email, and website. This particular promotional item allows you to maximize the amount of information that can be displayed to your customers. Aside from the basic aluminum 12 oz. can coolie, they also offer 16 oz. can coolies, and bottle sized  coolies as well. The colors, and sizes are almost unlimited! The average price point for this product ranges between $0.50 and $1.50.

Flexible Water Bottles

flexible water bottle

Flexible water bottles are a great alternative to a regular water bottle. Not only are these items light, they are also collapsible to fit just about anywhere. This is a perfect item for customers that may enjoy outdoor activities as this can clip to the outside of a pack for extra water. The average price point for this product ranges between $1.00 and $2.50.

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Promo Products Your Customers Will WANT To Use!

Looking to buy a promotional product that won’t find its way into the circular file? Eliminate worries by buying promotional products that your potential customers will want to use! A product with multiple functions will greater serve a potential customer than an obsolete item that may only have one benefit.

SPCLHousehold accessories can be very useful for almost every potential customer. This spoon clip is equipped with an attractive ergonomic design that helps measure your morning blend. Great for measuring coffee, sugar, or nuts. Logos and information is placed on the front of the spoon clip. A magnet on the back allows you to keep it on your refrigerator so you have it ready in the morning.

smart pouch

Smart pouches are another great promo product that serves multiple uses. This pouch can clean and polish your valuables as well as hold eye wear. Aside from cleaning eye-wear this pouch is also great for cleaning cameras, smartphones, and tablets. Made with premium microfiber, your potential customer will be sure to hang onto this promo product for years to come.

hyatt place infusion bottle

Water bottles are a signature promo product that most companies utilize at least once throughout their time in business. Instead of giving a regular water bottle give out an infusion water bottle that allows your potential customers to have the option of infusing their water with their favorite fruit, vegetable, or herb. Giving them an option to have their water two ways will increase the probability that they will use your product.


A lanyard with a USB drive is a great item to give at a trade show. Not only will it hold a badge or name tag, it also offers storage for documents and files. Your potential customers will be sure to utilize the memory of the USB as well as the durability of the lanyard.



This 2-in-1 highlighter ballpoint pen will surely be a hot item. Pens and highlighters are an office staple and your potential customer will be sure to thank you for such a useful product.  Equipped with a plastic silver triangular designed click ballpoint pen with black comfort rubber grip and highlighter with translucent plastic cap on the other end.


Share videos, documents, and videos with this on-the-go USB. It is equipped with a USB and a micro USB.  It connects to supported mobile devices such as android phones and tablets. Logo is printed on the swing as pictured above. Swing also helps to protect USB port from any dents or damages.  Please keep in mind that the price for these products fluctuates weekly as the market changes.


Flashlight tools kits are a great promo item that potential customers can keep in there cars for times of  emergency. Not only will they be happy when they need to use this item in a state of a possible emergency, they can also coordinate a sense of positivity when thinking about your products.

Next time your shopping around for a memorable promo product to give, be sure to consider one with multiple functions!

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Time to hit the links!

Micropique Sport-Wick Polo

sport wickItem # ST650/LST650 

Sale Price: $22.25

Regular Price: $32.45

*offer ends 3/31/16

*must purchase a minimum of 6 polos

*includes embroidery up to 10,000 stitches or 1 line of stock lettering

*extra charges will be applied on sizes 2XL and above

Available Sizes (Men): XS-6XL

Available Sizes (Women): XS-4XL

Available Colors (Men): Black, Blue Lake, Deep Orange, Forest Green, Gold, Grey Concrete, Iron Grey, Kelly Green, Lime Shock, Maroon, Purple, Texas Orange, Tropic Blue, True Navy, True Red, True Royal, Vegas Gold,  White

Available Colors (Women): True Navy, Black, Blue Lake, Deep Orange, Forest Green, Gold, Grey Concrete, Iron Grey, Kelly Green, Light Pink, Lime Shock, Maroon, Pink Raspberry, Purple, Tropic Blue, True Red, True Royal, White

NEW! Port Authority Pinpoint Mesh 1/2 Zip

pinpoint.PNGItem # K806/L806

Sale Price: $25.67

Regular Price: $36.85

*offer ends 3/31/16

*must purchase a minimum of 6 pullovers

*includes embroidery up to 10,000 stitches or 1 line of stock lettering

*extra charges will be applied on sizes 2XL and above

Available Sizes (Men): XS-6XL

Available Sizes (Women): XS-4XL

Available Colors (Men): True Navy, Battleship Grey, Black, Rich Red, Treetop Green, True Royal, White

Available Colors (Women): True Navy, Battleship Grey, Black, Dark Fuchsia, Rich Red, Treetop Green, True Royal, White

NEW! New Era Tech Mesh Cap

Item # NE1090

Sale Price: $14.56

Regular Price: $22.55

*offer ends 3/31/16

*must purchase a minimum of 6 hats

*includes embroidery up to 10,000 stitches or 1 line of stock lettering

Available Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Available Colors: Cyber Green, Black, Charcoal, League Navy, Royal, Scarlet


How To Brand With Office Supplies

Looking to do some branding within your company? Office supply promo products are the perfect way to do so! Check out the promotional products featured below and get started on branding your company today!

Item #: BA-23

Keep all employees business cards clean and neat with these bamboo business card holders! Have your companies logo laser engraved onto the top of the business card holder and keep your employees happy and organized. We also have a wide variety of basic business card holders, check out our website here to check out some different options.

Item #: ARL2417

Post it notes are a small item to help your branding. Print with you companies logo or emblem and gain visibility to your company and keep uniformity within your organization. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Sticky note packets are also a great item to have in the office! Check out our products online here!

Item#: 42510

Letter openers and staple removers are a great tool to have in any office. Get a hybrid letter opener/staple remover and  print with your companies logo to maximize your branding efficiency! Interested in just letter openers, check out our website here. Interested in staple removers, check out our website here.

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Wedding Party Favors

cocktail napkin
Item #: NAPC

Wedding party favors are a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to your special day. Cocktail napkins are an easy way to add a personal touch to your cockatil and hor d’oeurve hour! The napkins are available in a wide range of colors.

hand fan 3
Style #: WLF-10

Hand fans are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding, especially during the warmer summer months. Personalize however you would like and keep your guests cool!  These hand fans are available in a number of different shapes and sizes to fit your needs!

Item # DPCHT

Drink insulators make great party favor for weddings, or anniversary parties. Embellish them with your signature logo for the event and have your guest using them in years to come!

Item #: 217

Wine glasses are another great party favor to give. Etch with your name and date for a lasting impression on your guests. We offer a wide variety of stemmed and stemless glasses for you to choose from! If you are having more of a rustic wedding, a mason jar glass would be a great idea as well!

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Toddy Cloths

6Promote your business and keep your prized possessions clean with these toddy cloths! This is a dual-sided cleaning cloth that can clean dirt, dust, and smudges off of mobile devices, eye glasses, jewelry, projector lenses, car interiors, and so much more! These cloths also come in various shapes such as circle, oval, hexagon, and rectangle.

This cloth is equipped with plush microfiber that will be sure to clean the dirtiest of surfaces. It has a fully customizable imprint area to display your companies logo or picture of your choice. It is also equipped with a protective coating to prevent mold, or mildew, and other odors.

toddy2Wanting something with more than one use? Check out the microfiber storage and cleaning pouch. This pouch can protect, clean, and polish your most prized possessions. Great for tablets, cameras, and smart phones! This is also made with 100% microfiber for superior cleaning. Keep your valuables protected, polished, and cleaned with this storage and cleaning pouch!

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Promote a Healthy Work Environment with Promo Products!

Item #: 3552

Promoting a healthy work place could give you positive benefits such as enhanced productivity, decreased employee absenteeism, and lower insurance and workers compensation costs!  A great item to give would be a lunch pack. Encourage your employees to pack a lunch instead of eating out by putting your logo on lunch packs like the one to the left!

Item #: SM-7886

Pedometers are a great way to get people active and moving, especially in an office setting. To heighten the use of these pedometers, you could host a step challenge to see who can log the most steps in one month. Fitness challenges are a great way to keep people motivated and competitive! We offer a wide variety of pedometers with different price points!

Item #: SYHJP515

Fruit Fusion water bottles are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. This water bottle can help to encourage your staff to consume water instead of sugary beverages. The benefits of fruit infused water is similar to a detox drink, and can also be used as a weight loss technique. Have your logo printed on these bottles and have your staff raving about them!

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